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Luxurious Cascading Stairs with terraces. It is located directly in front of the presidential residence aimed to link it with the park. The stairs are part of a luxurious park ensemble, which includes a gazebo, pedestrian alleys, a decorative bridge, a pond, and a waterfall. The stairs follow the landscape, organically complement and emphasize the architectural image of the main building. The stairs consist of a terrace in front of the main building, central and side flights leading to park alleys. A valuable species of plants are planted along the alleys. The park smoothly flows into the forest and leads to a footbridge. A combination of granite elements and decorative concrete elements of extra class is used. Careful understanding and elaboration of the junctions of the elements, as well as the use of only full-bodied parts, guarantees exceptional durability and wear resistance. A smart and hidden drainage system of plant vases is used. Well thought out lighting.

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