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Bioplateau - a shallow part of a reservoir or a separate object designed for natural purification, filtration, and saturation of water with oxygen due to specially selected marsh plants. This system is designed to clean up a large artificial lake in front of the main building of the presidential residence. Upon the customer’s request, the technical structure was shaped in an abandoned ancient ruins style. From the side of the lake, above the water, a gazebo was additionally built with a cast-iron vat over an open fire for water treatment procedures. Bathing in this vat is extremely beneficial for health. The gazebo has fully folding glass walls, which allow you to use the vat at any time of the year and in any weather. The location and design of the gazebo roof, directly above the water supply point in The Bioplateau, allows you to get the effect of the sound of a waterfall in the gazebo, which further relaxes and enhances the healing effect of the treatment. Only expensive finishing materials are used. Hundreds of high-quality granite elements were handcrafted, fitted, and dry-installed by top-level specialists under strict supervision. The cladding panels for the walls are made of high-quality decorative concrete, the shapes for which have been developed individually. The panels do not require painting or any maintenance. The warranty period of operation is more than 100 years. No compromises, all elements are full-bodied, and the weight of many exceeds 300 kilograms. Real mountain boulders are used as decoration. The building is truly monumental. The slopes abound with rare species of valuable plants. Gazebo cladding is made of environmentally neutral and wear-resistant finishing materials.

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